DIY Giant Pencil Organizer

DIY Giant Pencil Organizer

My 5-year-old son has officially entered “real school.” Which means…homework. I mean, I loved school, but I loved the social part of school, the homework…not so much. I’m more of an art class/theatre geek type of person! So, when my son’s teacher suggested that we create a space for him to do homework at the house, I wanted to make that area inspiring and special for him.

The cool thing about this DIY Pencil Holder, it’s literally making something out of nothing! I love when DIYs are made from really basic supplies. This craft is made from foam core, foam sheets, scrapbook paper, and wood rounds! The base of the pencil is foam core, which I craft with a lot. The most important tip when doing this is to make sure you have a fresh blade in your x-acto knife. If you don’t, then your foam core will pull and you won’t have clean lines.

This DIY Giant Pencil Holder craft is the perfect back-to-school craft for your kids AND a great teacher gift.

DIY Giant Pencil Organizer (click here for video)


  • Foam core

  • Acrylic craft paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Ruler

  • X-acto knife

  • Pencil

  • Foam sheets

  • Wood round

  • To add the lazy Susan part, all you need to do is buy a 6-inch lazy Susan and hot glue the pencil to it. I painted it to look like a notebook paper by painting it white and adding the lines with a permanent marker. Make sure to add felt or foam to the bottom so that the lazy Susan doesn’t scratch the counter.


1. Using foam core, cut a rectangle that is 5” wide and 14” tall.

2. Find your center and use an x-acto knife to cut two 5” angles at the top of your foam core to create your pencil tip.

3. Measure 6” down from the top and 8” from the bottom to create two slots that will fit together.

4. Each slot should be ¼” thick.

5. Fit each of your pieces together.

6. Paint the pencil lines at the top while both pieces are fitted together to ensure even lines.

7. Remove both pieces to paint yellow (desired color) below your pencil tip lines.

8. Use a 5” wood round for your base. Your pencil will sit on this.

9. Using a pink foam sheet, cut a strip to use as your eraser. Wrap around the base and glue.

10. Using the same method, cut a silver foam sheet to create your silver to go just above the eraser.

11. To create a cone at the top of your pencil for the lead, use grey scrapbook paper to shape in a cone and glue in place.

DIY Giant Pencil Organizer

DIY Giant Pencil Organizer

DIY Giant Pencil Organizer

DIY Giant Pencil Organizer

DIY Giant Pencil Organizer

DIY Giant Pencil Organizer