Today’s Making Messes Monday is all about the holiday classics! Gingerbread houses are must-have during the holidays, but when the kids are on sugar overload, and you are looking for a way to keep them busy, a sugarless gingerbread house that they can paint is the answer!! These little cardboard houses I got online and the Tulip’s Three Dimensional Paint fills in as the “frosting” for the house. They come in a variety of colors and they are so easy for the kids to work with. Since I use #puffpaint with my kids a lot, I like to make sure I’m using a non-toxic paint and Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paints not only check off that box but they are used by crafters of all ages and skill levels on everything from school crafts, apparel, canvas art, accessories, home décor and so much more — they add fun dimensional texture that stands out on every project.

I also got a little carried away while the kids were crafting and created my own little #putz houses. They are these whimsical, glittery houses have been used as holiday decor for generations. So, while the kids were busy with their creations, I decided to make my own. Honestly, it’s the easiest thing ever. I coated it with Color Shot spray paint and loaded it up with glitter before it dried. Then, added my Tulip Three Dimensional Paint for the details. After applying the puff paint, I coated it with a clear glitter to keep that putz house look. 

Tips for DIY Gingerbread and Putz House Craft

These cardboard houses are easy to put together, but I used a hot glue gun to secure them together and to the cardboard base for safety. This way they are easy to move around. 

For the Putz house, I like to add the extra fine glitter on the base right after spray painting. It allows the paint to adhere nicely. You could also apply a layer of spray adhesive and then coat the house with glitter. Both ways work. 

Be sure add the glitter to the puff paint when the paint is wet so that it will stick. 

Allow enough time for these to dry. Sometimes kids can get heavy handed with the paint, so give it 24 hours just to be safe. 

When applying the glitter, I like to pour it onto the house over a piece of wax paper. This allows me to then fold the wax paper in half and dump the excess glitter back into the container so that no glitter is wasted. 


Butcher paper/kraft paper + painters tape 

Cardboard Gingerbread House 

Glue gun; optional 

Spray paint, optional 

glitter , optional 

Tulip Three Dimensional Paint (more puff paint options here too) 

Additional 3D details like these wood trees or bottle brush trees 


Cover the work surface with butcher paper and secure it with the painter’s tape.

Assemble the cardboard gingerbread house, if needed, and secure together with a glue gun. 

Let the kids have creative freedom to decorate their houses. 

Allow the paint to dry overnight. Timing can vary depending on the amount of paint used. 

To make the “putz” style house, assemble the house and spray paint it the color desired. Load it up with glitter of the same color or a clear glitter. 

Add additional three dimensional details with the Tulip Puff Paint! 

Sprinkle the paint with more glitter before it dries. 

Allow everything to dry completely, this can take 12-24 hours.