gingerbread house diy place setting


1. Print a gingerbread template online; these can be found on any search engine 

2. Trace the gingerbread template onto a piece of cardboard; it is recommended to use cardboard that isn’t overused or overly bent, as it won’t hold up as well or look as nice as a flat, clean piece of cardboard 

3. Use the glue gun to attach the pieces of cardboard together similar to how you would use frosting to attaching a regular gingerbread house together 

4. Allow to cool/dry 

5. Decorate as desired with a white paint pen and/or white puffy paint and glitter 

6. Other craft supplies can be used as decorations as well similar to how you use candy to decorate a regular gingerbread house 

7. To make the houses into a table setting, place a white plate onto the table, place a large napkin (tri-folded lengthwise) so that it hangs over the front of the plate, place another white plate on top of the napkin. Then, place the wreath onto the place and put the house in the middle of the wreath

8. You don’t have to just use white, you can use any color palate you like for your table, but the is to layer the plates with the napkins and top them with the wreath and house 

9. The size of the wreath you use will depend on how large you make your cardboard gingerbread house