This DIY is one of the easiest of them all!! A little tissue and some mod podge and you are in business!

diy makeup bags

Directions for a Heart Bag 

1. Cut heart shapes out of tissue paper; for easy and clean looking hearts, use a heart hole punch; you can cut heart shapes with scissors as well 

2. Place a few sheets of wax paper into the middle of the canvas bag to protect the inside and other side of the bag from the mod podge

3. Pre-plan where you want to place your hearts

4. Use the paint brush to apply a generous amount of mod podge to the canvas and press your hearts on to the bag in the preplanned area 

5. After all the hearts are in place, apply another layer of mod podge over the top of the hearts on the bag to secure them on 

6. Allow to dry for a few hours minimum 


*To make your tissue paper hearts, place the tissue paper inside a folded piece of regular paper. This ensures you’ll get an even, clean cut.

*If you do not have a heart hole punch, fold the tissue paper in half to create an even heart shape *

Directions for a Glitter Bag

1. Place the painter’s tape into the bag above the area where glitter is desired 

2. Place a piece of wax paper inside the bag to prevent the glue from soaking through

3. Apply the mod podge where you would like the glitter 

4. Pour a heavy coat of glitter over the mod podge 

5. Shake off excess glitter and allow to dry completely 

6. Once dry, apply another layer of mod podge over the bag and allow it to dry completely 

7. Add additional working details of method of choice, as you see fit!


*Use painter’s tape to create a clean line for the glitter*

*You can also add glitter into the mod podge for extra coverage*