DIY Grass Shoe Holder + Painted Rock Bugs

Another week has come and gone and we are still quarantined. With the kids being home so much and going in and out of the house all of the time, they are bringing so much dirt into the house. I feel like I am cleaning all day every day! I wanted to bring back a DIY that I did on Home and Family a few years ago but add a fun twist for the kids.

We are painting ROCKS! I know it sounds boring…it’s not! Kids LOVE to paint rocks! We are turning the painted rocks into bugs.

A few tips:

*Have the kids go outside to pick small rocks that look like bugs…at least what they think bugs look like. Tell them to look for rocks that are more light and flat so that it can sit on the grass base.

*For little kids, make sure to use non-toxic paint. The downside to this is the potential for the paint to wash away, but it’s the safest option for little kids. If your kids are older then they can use acrylic craft paint.

*Cover your surface! This is the best way to allow the kids to make a mess without losing your mind. I like to use food-grade butcher paper to cover the table so that I can use it for other crafts or to cover the table when they eat.


Plastic plate or tray

Artificial grass tile (aka “craft grass”)



paint; either Crayola non-toxic paint or acrylic craft paint 

google eyes 

glue; either school glue or hot glue 


Cut the grass tiles to fit sheet size

Press grass tiles snugly (like a puzzle); do not glue it in

Allow the kids to paint the rocks however they like

When the paint is dry on the rocks then glue on the eyes

If the kids are gluing on the eye then they can add them on with school glue, otherwise, the adult involved can use a hot glue gun

Place the rocks onto the grass and you are all set!!