I am such a sucker for decorations! I found this great Halloween ribbon at Michaels and had to figure out something to do with it.  Here is a fun idea for your Halloween Candy, and a good way to recycle your paper towel rolls.  You can use these for party favors, to pass out at your front door, or to have for guests around the house.

The beauty of this craft is that it doesn’t need to be precise and perfect.  Tissue paper is easy to work with because you can cut it to whatever size you like and it molds well without getting wrinkles.

Simply leave enough space on the sides to tuck the tissue into the roll.

…..and roll it up!

You can find plastic bags at any craft store.  I cut the plastic in a large square making sure to leave enough space on the sides to tie with the ribbon.

Place the roll at the top of the plastic square and roll to the other end.  Secure with tape.

Tie one end with your ribbon and fill with candy!

(If you are using these to pass out at your door it’s best to use packaged candy)

Once filled, tie the other end with the ribbon.