When I was growing up, my sister and I would always get a new kite in our Easter baskets. There is something so nostalgic and playful about a kite. I also love any reason to decorate my doors, windows, and house for the seasons, and this one is perfect for Spring. If you watch Home and Family on Hallmark Channel, then you know that we have a really fun “Spring Fever Bucket List” that is a perfect way to stay busy this reason while soaking in everything Spring has to offer. I love the idea of really getting into the seasons because it makes that time so much more memorable.


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  • Styrofoam wreath

  • Bamboo skewers

  • Hot glue or Fabri-tac

  • Fabric

  • Trim 

  • Yarn

  • String

  • Mod Podge or regular glue

  • Baking sheet

  • Wax paper

  • Spool 

  • Scissors


· Hot glue end of yarn to wreath and begin to tightly wrap around. 
· Continue to wrap until the whole wreath is covered and secure with hot glue or tie with knot.
· Use bamboo skewers to create base/shape of kite. Secure with hot glue. 
· Measure and cut fabric to size of kite. Attach with hot glue or fabric tac 
· Add trim to kite with hot glue or fabric tac 
· OPTIONAL: Glue string to kite in the shape of a “T”
· Cut fabric strips out for bows
· Fold sides and secure with hot glue to create clean edges
· Create a loop and secure together with hot glue/fabric tac 
· Fold accordion style 
· Wrap string around center of fabric to create bow shape. 
· Repeat until you’ve created 5-6 bows. Attach bows to string with hot glue.
· Attach kite to wreath with hot glue. Wrap kite tail with bows around wreath
· Place and secure “Fly a kite” wording (with hot glue) on wreath. (*Instructions on wording below) 
· Hot glue spool to wreath and wrap some string around the wreath to make it look like the same spool of string is being used through the whole wreath. 

· Print “Fly a kite” template 
· Place wax paper on top of template
· Dip string in mod podge or glue
· Trace letters with string
· TIP: Use bamboo skewers to help shape
· Let dry for 24 hrs.