diy letter bracelets

These letter bracelets are a thing!! They actually sell online for $35 EACH!! You can get the supplies to make them for less and you can make a whole bunch for that price. I’m sharing the video on my Instagram today but will be posting a video for YouTube (and here) soon! So, standby for that.


Strong and stretchy string for jewelry making or elastic for the strongest hold

Letter beans and decorative beads


Needle; optional but will make the process much easier


Cut a long piece of the string for the bracelet and tie a few knots at the end of it just for safety. This will prevent the beads from sliding off accidentally!

Pre-plan how you would like your bracelet to look. I wanted mine to have the letters in the center and the gold around it so I did about 15 of the gold beads, then the letters, then 15 more gold beads.

Start stringing the beads by threading the string through the needle so that you can easily place the beads onto the string.

Once all the beads are strung, loop the end of one side of the string through one of the beads from the other side, then tie 2 knots.

While holding the string tightly add a drop of super glue and pull the strings tighter to make sure it secures the knots together.

Allow the glue to dry completely and cut off the excess string.

diy letter bracelets

maria provenzano dit letter bracelets