diy tissue box covers

Well, we are in it…winter! I know I’m not allowed to complain because I live in Southern California, but it’s cold and flu season everywhere. Both of my kids are dealing with snotty noses and it’s just really gross.

The idea behind these tissue box covers is really to make the sick season less terrible. Looking at these you can see just how they can add a little bit of extra decor to your space AND make you smile a bit…even when you are feeling terrible.

I also think that this would be a great idea for teachers to have in their classrooms to encourage their students to use tissues. I volunteered in my son’s classroom one day (he is 6) and I can’t even begin to tell you how many runny noses I witnessed in the couple hours I was there. Soooo gross!! I really hope these tissue covers will help!



  • Sweater

  • Tissue box cover

  • Fabric scissors

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks 


  • Felt sheets 12” x 18” in a dark mountain color

  • Felt sheets 9” x 12” in white

  • Cylinder tissue box or paper mache cone

  • Fabric scissors

  • Fabri-Tac 

  • Chalk or marker


1. Cut a sleeve off of your sweater.

2. Slide the sleeve over your tissue box cover and fold one end into the opening of the box.

3. Flip the box over and secure the fabric you folded to the inside of the box with hot glue.

4. Fold down the excess sweater to the inside of the box. Trim whatever fabric is too much to fold up inside then secure the excess fabric to the inside of the box with glue.

5. Allow the glue to set, put tissues inside and enjoy!


1. Roll the large piece of felt around the cylinder tissue container and pinch it to create a narrower opening at the top to create a cone shape. Mark where the cone should start and end.

2. Cut a cone template shape out of the felt to the size you marked. A cone template looks like a triangle with a curved bottom and a curve cut where the top tip of the triangle would be. 

3. To create the snowy cap for your mountain, lay your white felt out and place the top of your cone template felt on top. Trace and cut with about ¼” seam allowance excess on the white felt.

4. Draw and cut triangle shapes out from the bottom edge of the white felt to create the melting snow-cap look.

5. Lay the fabric back down and adhere the white felt to the dark felt with the ¼” seam allowance. 

6. Roll the felt into a cone shape, along one of the side edges, apply Fabri-tac and adhere the other side edge to it. 

7. Allow the glue to dry, place over a tissue cylinder and enjoy!

tissue cover diy