pick your poison sign

Having signs with little sayings is all the rage right now. It’s a fun way to be clever and sassy or funny and whitty. I made this sign for a Halloween bar cart and it’s beyond easy to put together.


If you don’t want to use spray paint, the letters can be painted with regular paint, it’s just a little messier. 

If placing the letters in a straight line is a challenge, then scatter them so it looks like they are supposed to be crooked. 

If you make a mistake, cover it up with a plastic spider, no one will know! 


Wood sign with wood frame 

Black paint + paint brush 

Painters tape 

Wood letters

Black spray paint 

Hot glue gun 

Plastic spiders, optional


Use the painter’s tape to section off any areas in the center of the sign that are touching the frame. 

Paint the frame with the black paint until evenly coated. 

Remove the painter’s tape and allow it to dry. 

Spray paint the wood letters by placing them on a covered surface and spray about 10 inches away with a steady spray while moving your hand back and forth. 

Allow the letters to dry. 

Attach the letters to the sign. Hot glue or wood glue can be used. 

Add plastic spiders to a little extra spookiness. 

Hang the sign as desired. 

pick your poison sign