Whether you’re hosting an Easter brunch, serving lunch on the patio or simply want to add a touch of spring to your home this DIY Picket Fence and Bunny Tail Drink Stirrers set is for you. So, grab your glue gun and a handful some pom-poms and let’s get to it!


Tips for the perfect DIY Picket Fence Easter Tray:

*Make sure to find a tray that has an edge on it so that you have something to glue the fence on.

*Plastic grass can be found at your local craft supply store or online. If you can’t find it, you can use other Easter decor to fill.

*For the drink stirrers, use store-bought pom-poms. If you use homemade pom-poms made with yarn, then it can shed into your drink. If you use cotton balls, they could potentially shed as well. The ones from the store are extremely inexpensive and less time-consuming.



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Materials for Easter Tray 

  • White serving tray with rim 

  • White dollhouse picket fence 

  • Plastic grass detail 

  • Additional Easter decorations; optional 

  • Hot glue gun 

  • Scissors

  • Wire cutters; optional 

Directions for Easter Tray 

1. Use the hot glue gun to attach the white picket fence to the outside of the tray 
2. Use scissors to cut the plastic grass into desired sizes and attach to the inside of the picket fence
3. Attaching the Easter detail as desired using a hot glue gun 

Materials for Bunny Tail Drink Stirrers 

  • 1 inch (or larger) white pom poms 

  • Hot glue gun 

  • Tall glass

  • White drink stirrer 

  • Scissors

Directions for Drink Stirrers 

1. Use the scissors to cut into the center of the pom pom 
2. Add some hot glue into the area that was cut
3. Attach the drink stirrer to the hot glue and press to secure
4. Allow to cool completely 
5. Add into the drink!

I want to see your From Scratch creations! If you make either of these DIY projects be sure to tag me on social and use the hashtag #FromScratchwithMaria. Happy crafting!