DIY St. Patrick's Day Tablescape

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Tablescape

In case you need some inspiration for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration! (video coming soon!)

DIY St. Patrick's Day Tablescape

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Tablescape

Materials for DIY Giant Leprechaun Hats

  • Clay Pot

  • Green Spray Paint

  • Black Ribbon

  • Gold Adhesive Foam Sheets

  • Hot Glue

Materials for DIY Pot of Gold Table Decoration

  • Miniature Clay Pots

  • Black Spray Paint

  • Gold Candy

  • Rainbow Rope Candy

  • Hard Paper Plate

  • Scissors

  • Hot Glue

Materials for DIY Leprechaun Trap

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Rainbow Paint

  • Large Clay Pot (with a hole in the bottom)

  • Hot Glue

  • Candy

  • Moss


DIY Giant Leprechaun Hats

1. Spray paint your entire flower pot with green spray paint and let it dry.

2. Wrap the black ribbon around the pot in a belt like fashion. Fasten to the back with hot glue.

3. Cut a buckle shape out of the colored foam (we went with glitter gold, but you can use whatever scrapbook paper you like and glue.)

4. Attach the buckle onto the black ribbon using the adhesive backing or glue.

DIY Pot of Gold Table Decoration

1. Spray paint your clay pots black (you might also be able to find clay pots that are already black!) Let dry.

2. Cut a strip across the hard paper plate and place it, arched, across the top of the black clay pot. (You can either wedge it inside or use a little bit of hot glue to hold it in place)

3. Fill the clay pots with whatever gold candy you can find.

4. Drape the rainbow rope candy over the strip of paper plate. You can use a little bit of water to help them stick together.

DIY Leprechaun Trap

1. Paint your popsicle sticks how you want (we went with a rainbow, each one a different color).

2. Use hot glue to make a ladder shape out of your popsicle sticks.

3. Turn the clay pot upside down.

4. Stand the ladder up against the clay pot.

5. Put moss and candy around the hole at the top as bait (This will trick the leprechaun into falling into the hole and be trapped under the pot!).