diy tulle trees

Video here:


  • Wide tulle ribbon
  • ½” wooden dowel
  • Wooden round craft plaque
  • Wooden craft star


  1. First, you need to create the base, place the dowel in the center of the round plaque and use hot glue to secure it. Hold it until it sets.
  2. Determine the length of ribbon you need by holding some up ribbon to the base and deciding how wide you want it to be, you’ll lose about 1” when you tie it on.
  3. Cut a bunch of strips of tulle.
  4. Tie the tulle strips around the dowel in a spiral so it’s covered all the way around.
  5. About halfway up, start cutting the tulle strips 2” shorter and continue tying them on.
  6. Once you’ve tied all the tulle on trim the tree with scissors.
  7. Glue the wooden star on the top of the tree and enjoy!
doy tulle trees