maria provenzano arrow bookends

I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day! These beauties are a such a cute decoration for the holiday, but truthfully this is cute for any time of the year!!


  • Plain Bookends 

  • Dowels 

  • Hot Glue 

  • Spray Paint 

  • Scrapbook Paper 

  • Ribbon/twine 

  • Drill


1. The first thing you want to do is decide on the length you prefer your dowels to be as the arrows. Cut them to the length you prefer 
2. Take your bookends & using a pencil draw an X. Then mark the middle with a little dot
3. On the dot take your drill & drill a little indent where the dot was marked. This way you have a little indent to set your dowel in
4. It’s now time to paint. You can spray paint the whole thing as one whole. Or if you prefer to have the dowels a different color, use a little craft paint & brush to color 
5. Let dry 
6. It’s time to make your arrow designs.

Cut out arrow shape from cardstock using downloaded pattern

Fold and glue arrow along lines

Download the Cupid Quiver Pattern

7. Use modge podge to glitter, or just glitter scrapbook paper

8. Attach arrowhead to the dowel with hot glue 
9. To create feathers, fold paper in half & cut out with a curved edge 
10. Unfold & chop some fringe around the sides 
11. Glue on feathers for the back end of the dowel 
12. Put your books in!

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diy arrow bookends

arrow bookends diy