maria provenzano wedding sign

Everyone needs a statement piece on their big day, so why not DIY!?

This DIY Wedding Sign can be custom made to any size you like and with any kind of back detail as well. We celebrate June Weddings on Hallmark Channel, so I wanted this sign to feel light and summery. The base is a simple piece of plywood that is covered with ivy mats (can also be found as “ivy sheets” or “ivy screens”). If you want to change this up for the time of year, you could do so with how you choose the background. I think fall leaves in place of the ivy mat for a fall wedding would be gorgeous!

This sign doesn’t just have to be for a wedding though! You could customize this for any event. Check out the video to tutorial below as well as the full supply list with links so you can make it yourself!


Directions for Wedding Escort Card Display:

1. Place frame in front of chicken wire

2.Staple chicken wire to frame 

3. Attach clothespin to escort card

4. Attach cards to chicken wire

Directions for Moss Letter Sign:

1. Staple ivy mat to plywood 

2. Cut out foam core letters 

3. Attach second layer of foam core 

4. Glue foam core to ivy mat

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