Easter Baskets are an essential part of Easter!! If you are looking to change things up from the traditional basket this year, I have you covered. These are three very easy ways to make a big statement.

I find that using silk flowers are the easiest way to add decor to almost anything and that includes baskets. All I did for the floral basket was glue flowers onto it…yup…that’s it!

For the carrot themed basket, I really saw this one as a “garden party” type of basket. They actually sell baskets like this in the store, but they are covered with burlap and aren’t as pretty…as I say while I pat myself on the back.

Then there is the giant basket!! This one is easier than it looks. It’s an old laundry basket! So fun and so impressive.

Take a look at the video for a more in depth look at how to make these.

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Materials for a Floral Basket 

  • Basket 

  • Hot glue gun

  • Moss; optional

  • Ribbon; optional 

  • Silk flowers 

Materials for Carrot Basket 

  • Basket; preferably more of a straight basket, not wide 

  • Styrofoam cones 

  • Orange twine; orange burlap works as well 

  • Green floral detail

  • Hot glue gun 

  • Serrated craft knife 

Materials for Laundry Basket 

  • Laundry basket

  • Pipe insulation

  • Ribbon

  • Paint

  • Glue

  • Zip tie

Directions for the Floral Basket 

1. First option, use the hot glue gun to add flowers along the top of the basket and rim. 
2. The second option, cover the entire basket except for the handle with flowers 

Directions for Carrot Basket 

1. Cut the Styrofoam cone in half; this creates a flat side to the cone shape and a rounded side. 
2. Use the hot glue on the low temperature setting to glue the twine onto the cone and wrap the entire cone in the twine securing with the hot glue gun as you go.
3. Fill top with green floral detail. 
4. Attach the carrots around the bottom of the basket; do this by attaching the flat side to the basket with the hot glue gun. 

Directions for Laundry Basket 

1. Paint laundry basket desired color.
2. Weave ribbon through the openings of the laundry basket.
3. Use zip tie to secure pipe insulation to the inside of the laundry basket.