Getting ready for Easter!!

Easter is so fun because it’s another reason to get together, wear pastel, eat, and play.  Spring is so uplifting and energizing! When I was growing up we always had Easter baskets that my parents would fill with our favorite candy and hide it somewhere around the house.  As an “adult” I am not really a huge fan of candy, but if you can find less processed “candies” then it’s a good holiday to indulge!

Here is another way to get creative with your Easter baskets this year with these Egg Surprises. You can put candy, lipgloss, little toys, or anything small enough to fit into these little eggs and wrap them with colorful tissue paper.  Either hide these around the house, stack them in a basket, or use as party favors.

…It all starts with an egg carton…

(I don’t know if you will get the same result with styrofoam)

*Cut off the lid

*Then cut off the middle sections that stick up

*Cut across so that two of them stay connected

*Fold in half and trim the excess material around the edges

*Fill with whatever you would like!

*Fold in half and secure both sides with tape

*Place in the center of a large piece of tissue paper (Mine measured roughly 8 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches)

*Bring the side up to tightly wrap the “egg” so that you can see it’s shape and squeeze at the top

*Tie together with a ribbon

… Place in Easter baskets…

… Hide around the house…