Family Workout with the Powell's on Hallmark's Home and Family Show

Family Workout with the Powell’s on Hallmark’s Home and Family Show

Chris and Heidi Powell are fitness experts who where on Home and Family promoting family fitness. I was so excited for my son to be a part of the segment, but probably not as excited as he was!!

This was my first time meeting Chris and Heidi, and I must say that they are two of the nicest people I have ever met in my life! They really practice what they preach, and they are so insanely fit I can’t even believe it. Heidi is my ultimate inspiration. She has had four kids and look at that body. After meeting her I cannot wait to workout again after my pregnancy.

I wanted to share the video of their segment, because I am having a proud mommy moment! Also, because their workouts really are fun for kids and your family. They also just came out with an app that is called Transform (info here). I am in no way affiliated with them or getting paid to promote the app, they just left such a positive and lasting impression on me that I want to spread the information to you. PLUS the app looks really cool and I think it can help anyone trying to get in shape.

Video here!