trash to terracotta from scratch with maria

If you need a DIY to transform your table into something really special for Valentine’s Day (but in a very chic way) this easy painting technique will not only save you so much money but it’s so fun to do! AND it’s something you can keep up after the holiday.

This has to be my new favorite craft!! All you need to create a gorgeous faux ceramic look on just about any vase….baking powder and water-based acrylic paint! That’s it!

I came across the hashtag #trashtoterracotta on Instagram and couldn’t believe how easy this looked, so I had to try it for myself. There are different ratios of baking powder to paint out there and, truth be told, there isn’t really an exact measurement because all paints are different. I used roughly 2 teaspoons of baking powder per 1/2 cup of paint. If it was too thick, I added more paint and if it was too thin I added more baking powder. After mixing, give the paint a minute or two to react to the baking powder and then mix it a little more. Then, it’s ready to use.

See this DIY in action on my Instagram! 

Tips for making Faux Ceramic DIY #trashtoterracotta

  • Make sure your paint is water-based. That is what reacts to the baking powder.
  • Work on a covered surface and make sure to allow the paint to dry completely before applying a second coat. Only apply a second coat if needed. I found the second coat was a bit harder to apply because it was so thick and most of my vases didn’t need a second coat, just little touch ups here and there.
  • You can use any colors you like!!! I like the terracotta look, but any colors will work for this! Get creative!
  • Work somewhat quickly. In my experience, the paint dries much faster with the baking powder in it. It could have been the environment that made it dry faster as well, but keep that in mind when planning out your timing.
Faux Ceramic DIY #trashtoterracotta
Faux Ceramic DIY #trashtoterracotta