valentines flower pot craft

Valentine’s is a lovely way to celebrate love. Love doesn’t always have to be romantic though. So, this Valentine’s Day I created a Valentine to encourage my kids and their classmates to be a little more intentional with their “love” this year. I found these cute seed packets that say “bee the change” and they have wildflower seeds in them. This message teaches kids that they should have love for the world around them, the earth, and themselves. I think it’s a good opportunity to start the conversation about how they can “be the change” that they want to see in the world.

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flower pot craft valentine

Tips for Flower Pot Valentines

  • You can absolutely paint these with regular outdoor paint. I like using spray paint because it creates an even finish instead of seeing brush strokes. PLUS, it dries so much faster than regular paint. 
  • Make sure to spray from a good distance to create an even spray and avoid drips. It usually takes two and sometimes three coats of spray paint when applied this way. 
  • Get creative! Grab some puff paint and add three-dimensional details to these cutie little pots. Kids would love to do this part as well. Paint pens are another craft supply that would be easy for kids to use with these. 
  • If you plan on using the wood hearts, markers can bleed, paint pens tend to work better. 
flower pot craft valentine
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Flower Pot Valentines


  • Mini flower pots
  • Spray paint
  • Seed packets
  • Sealed candy, like these heart lollipops
  • Clear candy treat bags
  • Red yarn or ribbon
  • Wood heart tags; optional


  • Place the flower pots on a covered surface.
  • Spray them with an even coat of spray paint from about 8-10 inches or so away (depending on how windy it is).
  • Allow them to dry and spray another coat. Two-three coats are usually the way to go instead of doing a heavy first coat and risk getting drips.
  • Once the pots have dried fill them with the seed packets and the sealed candy.
  • Place the flower pot in the clear bag and use the yarn, or ribbon, to tie the top of the bag.
  • Optional; create a name tag by writing on a wood heart tag and tying it on with the yarn/ribbon.
Author: Maria Provenzano
flower pot craft valentine
flower pot craft valentine
flower pot craft valentine