Yay football season!!!

When we think of football, sometimes we think our decor has to be masculine. I love adding chic touches to my football tablescapes, because women love football too! This Copper Goal Post will not only add height to a tablescape, but also adds a great “wow” factor. This impressive decoration will leave your guests wondering where you bought it from!

Copper piping may sound like a huge undertaking to work with but is actually very simple. All you need is a small pipe cutter, specifically for copper pipes, and a little bit of elbow grease. The pipes are all secured together with Gorilla Super Glue, and which will hold them together nicely. All of the supplies can easily be found at your local hardware store.

Supplies for one goal post:

Copper pipe cutter

Gorilla super glue

5 feet 1/2-inch copper piping; this should come in one long strip

2- 1/2-inch copper pipe caps

4- 1/2-inch copper 90 degree elbows

2- 1/2-inch copper tee



*Cut the copper pipe into;
1- 10 inch piece

2- 4 inch pieces

2- 6 inch pieces

2- 3 inch pieces

2- 2 inch pieces

*Glue the copper pieces together to create the top of the goal post; start by gluing the 10-inch piece into one of the tees, and then glue the two 4-inch pieces into the other sides of the tee to create a “T” look

*Glue the 90 degree elbows into the 4-inch pieces, and glue the 6-inch pieces into the top of the 90 degree elbows

*Glue the caps onto the top of the 6-inch pieces

*Glue the bottom of the 10-inch piece into the other tee

*Glue the 3-inch pieces onto the other sides of the tee

*Glue the other 90 degree elbows into each of the 3-inch pieces to create a stand for the goal post

copper goal post

copper goal post maria provenzano

copper goal post


copper goal post