A green snack board 💚💚💚 no food coloring necessary. My kids are “starving” at any given point in the day, and snack boards are my favorite way to provide them with various snack options. I always throw in healthy food, and they seem to enjoy it more when it’s displayed in a really fun way.

Watch here! 

The key to a pretty board is placement. I always add a variety of flavors and textures. To make this St. Patrick’s friendly, I obviously, went with a green theme. The monochromatic board turned out to be really pretty. Remember, snack board are not just of kids. If you are getting a group together for the holiday, this is a crowd-pleaser, no matter the age group! 

On this board: 
Pea pesto 
Pea pesto crostini 
Lemony smashed avocado (I wouldn’t call this guacamole because it doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles. It’s just avocado, lemon, and salt) 
Sour cream and onion coins (aka rice cakes) 
Homemade matcha muffins 
green apple 
green pea crisps 
dried seaweed snacks