Welcome to my new website!!

If you have been reading my site since it was MariaProvenzano.com I really appreciate you coming on this ride with me! I started my blog as a fun outlet for all of my passions in life, and I am so proud that my hobby has evolved the way it has to become a job for me. My goal is that the readers of this site walk away inspired to make something From Scratch! That is where the name came from. Things that are made with your own two hands represent something so special, personal, and unique. When someone takes the time to create, and have an appreciation for the small things, it makes the world a much more beautiful place.

With this new site has also come my YouTube Channel. I will do everything in my power to post weekly videos for you. I find that I LOVE watching videos on how to make things, and thought that it would be a really fun addition to the site. Check out my YouTube channel here!

These changes are very new, and with that comes a few bumps in the road. The site is still “under construction!” So, please bear with me in this adventure. For the next couple weeks the site may not be working perfectly, but it will get there…I promise!

Thank you again for your support. I hope you walk away inspired to create…or at least hungry!