Olympic Tablescape DIY Decor

Olympic Tablescape DIY Decor

It is time for the summer Olympics!! Make sure to watch Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel TODAY, August 5, 2016 at 10 am! It will rerun on Monday August 8th at noon.

Olympic Rings


5 foam circles; we used 12 inch circles

Blue, Black, Red, Green, and Yellow Crepe Paper Streamers


Tacky Putty; optional


Wrap the 5 different foam circles with the 5 different color streamers and secure with tape

Hang on the wall with a small hook, or hammer a small nail into the wall, and place the circle on the nail, in the traditional Olympic ring placement.

If you want them to be very secure, you can use a small amount of tacky putty on the back of the rings, against the wall

**NOTE: If you wish to keep the foam circles for future use, you can simply hang them next to each other on the wall. If you want them to intersect like the Olympic ring logo, then you can create the shape before wrapping the circles by cutting each ring with a serrated knife, and then gluing the rings together with a hot glue gun on its lowest temperature. Then, wrap the rings accordingly.**

Olympic Podiums

Large, medium, and small boxes; preferably white

White paint, if you cannot find white boxes

*Simply paint the boxes white, and place festive items on them

Olympic Torch


Wood candleholders; preferably square instead of rounded; if you can only find small candleholders, you can attach two together with wood glue to make one large torch

Foam Paper or Tissue Paper in orange, red, and yellow

2 Toilet paper holders

Glue Gun

Gold Spray Paint


If using two small candleholders, glue them together with wood glue, and allow to dry

Spray the candle holders with gold spray paint in a well-ventilated area, on a covered surface, until it is evenly coated with the paint

Allow to dry

If using the foam paper, cut it into pieces that look like flames, and attach the pieces to the toilet paper holder with the hot glue gun

If using tissue paper, stuff the inside of the toilet paper holder with some tissue, and then use the glue gun to attach more tissue paper around the holder so that it looks like flames

Use a hot glue gun to attach the “flames” to the top of the gold candleholder to create the Olympic Torch

Olympic Medals


Sparkly gold, silver, and bronze scrapbook paper

Red/white/blue ribbon

Hot glue gun


Small bowl, or round object to trace a circle the desired size of the medal


Place a small bowl, or round object onto the back of the sparkly scrapbook paper, and trace with a circle

Cut the circle out with scissors

Cut the red/white/blue ribbon the desired length; around 24” is good for an adult, but you can figure out the measurement by wrapping the ribbon around yourself for the desired measurement

Cut the ribbon, and glue the ends together with a glue gun, placing one end on top of the other

Place some more glue at the end of the ribbons, and place the circle on the glue, sparkly side up, to create the medal to that can be worn around the neck, or on the table as décor

Torch Cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes

Ice cream cones with flat bottoms

White butter cream icing

Candy Coating Chocolate; red, orange, and yellow

Wax paper

Baking sheet


Melt the chocolate in three separate bowls in a double boiler or microwave

Scoop the melted red chocolate onto the wax paper and spread around with the spatula

Top it with the melted orange chocolate and spread it around with the spatula

Then, place a scoop of the yellow chocolate into the orange chocolate and spread that around to create a fire look

Place it in the fridge to harden

Once it is hardened, use your hands to break into pieces to look like fire

Break the top of the muffin off, and place it into the ice cream cone, OR you can bake the cupcakes inside the ice-cream cones

Top the muffin with frosting

Place in a piece of the chocolate “fire”