Pregnancy Tea for "Morning" Sickness

Pregnancy Tea for “Morning” Sickness

Morning sickness is a real thing! I didn’t really believe it in my first pregnancy, because I didn’t really deal with any nausea. I was get weak if I didn’t eat, and I was hungry all of the time, but I did not feel sick.

This pregnancy has been very different for a number of reasons, and the biggest reason of all….morning sickness. Only it’s not just in the morning, it is all day long. In the beginning it was just at night, then it started to last all day, and as I head into my 17th week I have some days where it’s back to just being at night and some days where it is all day. Basically it is just a roller coaster. The heartburn has set in way earlier as well.

There really hasn’t been much that I have been wanting to eat, and I miss coffee like crazy. So, I created a warm drink that I thought would help my sickness a bit. I like having warm water with lemon often at night when I am sitting in front of my computer to edit. To replace that cozy coffee drink, I made my lemon water throughout the day. After talking to friends who have been through the same thing, I found out that ginger could really help. Since I don’t like candy, ginger candy was out, I don’t like soda (aka “pop” for those of us from the mid west), so ginger ale was out. Why not fresh ginger? I found that cutting a bit of fresh ginger and adding it into my warm lemon water really helped subside the nausea for a little while. Some days I add honey to the tea if I am looking for a little sweetness.

There really isn’t a “recipe” for this! Add as much or as little as you like!

Pregnancy Tea:

Fresh ginger

Fresh lemon

Warm water

Honey; optional