scavenger hunt + diy binoculars

How much fun are these!?! Grant and I did a video on how to create your own scavenger hunt and DIY binoculars.

My goal for this was to give you something to do with your kids…to help with your sanity. Right now is such a rough time for parents. Not only are we expected to support our families by working the same amount BUT at home with our kids around OR we have the stress of getting our finances cut and trying to make ends meet…. all while being forced to homeschool our children until their next school year.

I will be honest with you and say that not every single day has been easy, but these poor kids don’t fully understand what is going on and they just want to play and have fun. SOOOOO we are having a scavenger hunt for you. If you can’t go outside, make one for indoors! This will cost you nothing! If you don’t have a glue gun then make it a telescope and call it a day. We got this!