sheet pan smores

There is nothing more nostalgic than a s’more in the summertime! We would roast our s’mores over the bonfire and when they would light on fire we would blow them out to reveal the most lovely char and melted gooey marshmallow to create the perfect s’more. Now, nothing can compare to that, but I’m going to try. These Sheet Pan S’mores were created because we don’t have bonfires on the regular here in California. When I was growing up in Michigan we would have bonfires every weekend, but there are many regulations in California (as there should be) about fires due to all of the wildfires around here. Also, when you are entertaining and everyone (including adults) wants to have a s’more, not everyone can have them at once and the ones that are making them, aka the kids, are getting sticky marshmallows everywhere, the sheet pan s’mores are your solution.


graham crackers

chocolate bars


2 sheet pans

How to make Sheet Pan S’mores From Scratch

Place the top rack in the oven near the broiler, being careful it’s not too close that the s’mores won’t fit under it.

Turn the oven to broil.

Break the graham crackers in half and line them up onto the two sheets.

Place a few pieces of chocolate on each graham cracker on one sheet and place a marshmallow on each graham cracker on the other sheet. Make sure you have an even amount on each sheet so that each marshmallow cracker is paired with a chocolate one once you want to smooth them together.

Place the sheet with the chocolate into the oven under the broiler and allow the chocolate to start to melt. Do not take your eyes off of it or walk away, this happens quickly.

Remove the sheet pan from the oven and place on a cooling rack.

Then, place the sheet pan with the marshmallows into the oven under the broiler and watch it carefully. The marshmallows will start to brown, and can go from brown to fire very quickly so remove them once they are golden. Do not walk away, this happens quickly!

I like to flip them over and brown the other side as well. This is optional but make the marshmallows nice and melty.

Once the marshmallows are done to your liking, while they are still hot, place the chocolate graham cracker onto the marshmallow one to create a s’more! The chocolate should be melted to the graham cracker enough for this to be an easy process.

Pass them around and enjoy eating s’mores all at the same time!

sheet pan smores
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