thanksgiving leftovers

I don’t think I am alone when I say that I love Thanksgiving but I LOVE the leftovers. Stuffing/dressing is my favorite part of the meal. I load it up with gravy and it is pure happiness. The morning after Thanksgiving I make the most delicious Stuffing Breakfast Patty with a Fried Egg. This is barely a “recipe” it’s so easy but I wanted to share with you my invention of how I like to enjoy these leftovers!

How to make Stuffing Breakfast Patty With A Fried Egg

  • Use your hands to create a patty with the leftover stuffing. If you are having trouble with it sticking together to create a patty then you can add some gravy to it.

  • Drizzle some olive oil in a small skillet over medium heat. Once it’s hot, add the stuffing patty. Cook on one side and then flip over like you would a burger! You want it to get brown on both sides and heated all the way through.

  • Meanwhile, fry up the egg in another skillet. Add some butter to a small skillet over medium heat. Crack the egg into the skillet and cook to the desired doneness. I like mine a little more cooked than “over easy” but definitely not over-cooked! You really want the yolk to be luscious so that it creates a lovely sauce on top of the patty.

  • Once both the patty and the egg are cooked, assemble! Place the patty onto a plate and top it with the fried egg. (You could always add some hot gravy too if you want!)

  • I like to sprinkle mine with a little bit of sea salt and fresh herbs, then use a sharp knife to cut the center of the egg to pop the yolk.

  • Enjoy!!!

thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast