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Happy Friday!!! Time to round up this weeks outfits to review. First up, this super cute number from Slate and Willow. This was one of my Rent the Runway picks for the week and this is a good one for petites. This dress fit perfectly but definitely had some space to fill. So, if you are a bit bustier than I am, then this will work for you as well.

maria provenzano

This second dress it really beautiful, but it was HUGE on me. If you love the look and color, then it is definitely worth a try. If you are petite like me, then the length is not too bad, but I am definitely not busty enough to fill this one out. The stylist on our show had to do a good amount of pinning to make this one work, but it was totally worth it. You can get this one on Rent the Runway as well.

I am completely on board with this whole hair clip trend that’s going on. I LOVE it. This one is from is from Free People, but I couldn’t find a link to these specifically, so I found ones that look similar here!

maria provenzano

maria provenzano home and family

maria provenzano

Now, this one I threw together last minute. One of my outfits from Rent the Runway didn’t fit, so I scrambled to put something together that looked appropriate for a wedding since I needed to wear it for a wedding segment on Home and Family. This skirt is by a company called Tesoro Collective, but it is from a year ago and they no longer make it. I found something similar from Buru here.

The top is a few years old, I found something similar on Amazon here.

IMG_0520 2.JPG

Yay for summer!! Los Angeles doesn’t feel like summer until the end of June. We have had a few nice days, but we usually have “June gloom” consistently throughout the month. I have been wearing this hat ever since we went to La Quinta for my son’s spring break. This actual hat is sold out, but I found something similar here, here, and here.