Maria Provenzano

One of the things I really wanted to add when I updated my website was information about outfits. I am very far from a fashion blogger, I prefer to talk about cookies and glitter, but I often get asked about the clothing that I wear and I wanted to be able to provide you with the information in an efficient way.

Also, I get A LOT of questions about the clothes I wear since I am so petite. I am 5 feet tall (on a good day) and finding clothes that fit me can be hard. Things you wouldn’t necessarily think of if you aren’t petite…like the length of a sleeve, the shoulders of a dress, or how long the straps are on a dress. So many factors make a difference for those of us who are petite. I will give you my honest review on items that I wear, show you how I altered them, and if they are worth trying out.

First up, this beauty from Draper James. The dress was longer than I would have liked, but it still worked. I had a couple issues in terms of sizing. I didn’t fill out the bust, so I had to pin the back in a few different areas. The straps were long on me as well, but once we pinned the back it helped with the straps. A quick note, I use Rent the Runway for work clothing. This is not sponsored in any way, but I am completely obsessed with it! I go through clothes like crazy for my job and using Rent the Runway has changed my life. With that being said, I cannot alter the items I rent. The solution to this is pinning. This works because you normally do not see my back when I am working on the show, but in real life this could be an issue. For this dress in particular, I loved how it looked once it was pinned and would definitely buy it and alter it if I wanted to wear it outside of the show. It was a good one!

maria provenzano draper james

Maria Provenzano draper james

The next one is this skirt from Amazon, yes Amazon. I buy a good amount of supplies for my segments on Amazon and just happen to find my way to the women’s clothing. This skirt is really cute, but I didn’t like the pockets. I know, I know, pockets are the best thing ever, BUT these pockets were really bulky. Other than that, the skirt was super cute and comfy.

maria provenzano

Another Amazon find. This one is a good one! I am obsessed with this pleated skirt. It flowed so nicely when I was walking around and it just has such a “wow” factor, especially in person. I paired it with a white top (also Amazon) that I have worn a million times. I forgot my black shoes at home, otherwise I would have worn black shoes with it, but this is also something that I feel like could be transitioned into the colder months. I LOVE this one.

Maria Provenzano

I think everyone needs an easy black dress. This one is from Nasty Gal. I bought this on sale last summer and I wear it a lot. If you need a good, simple black dress I recommend checking out their site. Nasty Gal has tons of dress options for really good prices. I wore this dress to my son’s school event. I think that everyone needs a good, easy dress for events like this!

Maria Provenzano