Weekly Favorites: Bedtime Essentials Maria Provenzano

Weekly Favorites: Bedtime Essentials Maria Provenzano

Weekly Favorites: Bedtime Essentials I am never one to complain about being pampered, but after becoming a mom, I find that I make a lot LESS time for myself. I think most moms find themselves in that situation as well. I do my best to make myself look presentable to society, but areas where I feel like I suffer is the little luxuries like nice sheets, or making time for my skincare routine (which has majorly suffered), and even feeling “pretty” in my pajamas. Full disclosure, my husband was majorly making fun of my sleepwear decisions when I was pregnant, and when my son was born, but all I cared about was comfort, and clothes that were easy to wear while breastfeeding, which moms who choose to breastfeed know that is vital to your sanity. The problem is that my son is 2 1/2 and I haven’t been breastfeeding for some time now, and my clothing choices haven’t changed. It wasn’t until I actually got a nice pair of pajamas and new sheets that I really started to realize how not only wonderful bedtime can be, but as a tired mom, how special it is. I found that by creating my own bedtime routine, like I do for my son, it helps me to come down from the day, have some time to myself to take care of myself, and actually get some better quality sleep.

Pajamas are key to feeling good at bedtime. Now, that may sound superficial, but after you have kids it can take a minute (or twelve) to feel pretty again, which is important for women whether we like to admit it or not. I got tired of hearing my husband joking about my sleep attire, and I wanted to feel nice for myself (mostly), and for him as well. I found that by wearing something pretty and comfortable, it made me feel happier, and look forward to bedtime instead of just throwing on clothes and crashing.

Something else that comes into play, especially when it comes to comfort, are the sheets. I honestly have never bought my own sheets. I’m pretty sure my mom bought some for me when I first moved to Los Angeles, and then she bought me another set when we moved places a couple years ago. Needless to say, it was about time to change those up as well. For the past couple months I have been sleeping on Perfect Linens sheets that have taken sleep to a whole new level. I didn’t think much about getting new sheets until I put these on my bed and fell in love with the comfort. These sheets are so soft and smooth. They feel very different than any other sheets I have slept on before. I look forward to getting into bed, because these sheets heavenly.

Rewinding a bit, I decided to incorporate a bedtime routine that works most nights. If I can get in at least a few nights a week where I can do a little pampering, then I am happy. But, again like most moms, after having my son I rarely made time for myself. I would just keep my head above water with making sure I would at least have my hair done and some make-up on, but it was all on the surface. My face started breaking out, my skin became very dry, my hair became very dry, and it just seemed to build on itself, until I realized I needed to spend more time on myself. My skin as ALWAYS been an issue for me, and I was upset I let it take a backseat. Now, I do my best to do a mask a couple times a week to exfoliate and get all the dead skin off. I didn’t want to stop there. I do a lot of spray tans for my work, because the camera really can add 10 pounds, so a spray tan can make you look much fresher on screen, and feel much better. So vain! But my body was becoming so dry, so I got an exfoliating scrub for my body as well. After taking a shower, I love to use a body oil and/or a body butter. It is definitely an indulgence, but I have found that my skin feels so much better, and it is very much worth it!

I find that incorporating this bedtime routine trickles into other parts of my life. I feel better now that I am getting more sleep. Also, during the day I feel how soft my skin is, and it makes me feel more comfortable in that skin. I think when we allow these little luxuries that make us feel nice, that we end up being happier people throughout the day…and my husband doesn’t complain about the pajama upgrade!

Face scrub: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this face scrub by Malin + Goetz. It is “clarifying clay mask” that also exfoliates. I will use it once or twice a week, and it feels amazing every single time.

Make-Up Remover: I have always been an advocate for removing make-up before bed, but I thought that it was enough to use face wash and water for my eye make-up. I spoke with one of the make-up artists on the set of Home and Family when I was there, and she highly recommends using an eye make-up remover. I was shocked at how much was left on my eyes! Now I can’t imagine not using it. If you haven’t started using an eye make-up remover, now is the time.

Body Lotion: Josie Maran’s Body Butter is one of my favorites. There are a million scents to try, and I especially love that the product is Argan Oil based, which is great for your skin.

Body Glow: Kai is one of my all time favorite brands. This body glow is a great way to add a nice scent, instead of perfume, and hydration to your skin.

Body Scrub: Origins is a great line, because everything is natural. This body scrub lifts off all of the dead skin, while keeping your skin moisturized as well.

Perfect Linens Sheets: Perfect Linens are my new favorite indulgence. They have sheets for every need, and I am completely obsessed with how soft and comfortable these sheets are. If you are in the market for new sheets, try this company out. They also have a 10% off your first order.

Pajama Shorts and Top: These are adorable for those hot summer nights, especially for those of us who do not have air conditioning.

Pajamas Pants and Top: I love the Splendid brand! Their clothes are so comfortable, and how cute are these pajamas!?

Nest Candles: I have become candle obsessed!! Nest Candles make such a great holiday scent that I fell in love with, and now I want candles around all of the time. Having a beautiful scent really does make a difference in how your home feels. When it has a pleasant smell, it is more inviting, and calming.