toddler travel essentials

toddler travel essentials

Weekly Favorites: Traveling with a toddler can seem like the worst thing ever for the parents, the toddler, and everyone else on the plane! We recently did a trip to Michigan to visit my family (which is a 4 hour flight not including connecting), and I felt the need to share some of the things that worked for us. I always feel like I get the best advice from other moms, and getting on an airplane with a toddler can be overwhelming so it always helps to see what works to entertain the energetic little ones. If you have travel essentials that work for you and your toddler, please share them in the comment section!

PouchPal; These are my new favorite things because my son’s new favorite thing is to squeeze his food pouches everywhere. PouchPals make it so that they can’t squeeze baby food everywhere. I still love giving my son packets because it’s an easy way to get some veggies in his diet, when he is teething he loves eating them, and they are great when traveling.

Lovey; When I was sleep training my son I read about the importance of a lovey. It’s a little blanket or snuggly toy that lets them know it’s time to settle down and sleep. My son has two that he loves, and he wants both of them when he goes to sleep. It was important for us to have them for him on the airplane since we were traveling during nap time. They instantly made him feel comfortable.

Snack holder; This goes along with the PouchPal when it comes to attempting to prevent as many messes as possible. This little cup makes it so the ever important crackers don’t go flying everywhere.

Wipes; I have two favorite brands when it comes to wipes: Babyganics and The Honest Company. They both do a nice job cleaning dirty hands, faces, and surfaces. When babies become toddlers they have a never-ending runny nose. These wipes work better than tissue because they are soft on their face, and they help with the dried snot (sorry, it’s gross but true)!

iPad (This one is only $50 on Amazon); This one is necessary! Some people feel very strongly about too much screen-time and I completely agree, but when it comes to travel days I will do anything to keep my son happy and entertained. He’s really into cars, so I found some apps that have car games for kids. I’m amazed at how much he has learned from the animal apps they have for kids as well. I also downloaded Elmo, Curious George, and Mickey Mouse episodes. He still got stir crazy, but this was definitely helpful.

Coloring Books; This is a good idea, but you have to be careful at the same time. Limit the amount of crayons (not markers), and use larger paper so that they don’t write all over the tray table, or chair…or you!

Water; It’s an easy thing to forget, but make sure you have your child’s sippy cup. When you are flying they won’t let you take water through, but it is ok when it’s in a cup for a child.

Food; cereal bars, pouches, crackers, apples, carrots, pretzels…basically anything they will eat!

Lotion/Aquaphor; Since I find myself wiping my son’s face so often I worry about it getting dried out. I like carrying lotion with me so that I can reapply throughout the day. Aveeno Eczema Lotion for babies is my favorite. I have tried other lotions and my son’s skin gets dried out. You will need to put it in a small travel container 3oz or less. I also like having Aquaphor with me when I travel because out of nowhere diaper rash can appear! For us, Aquaphor is the BEST thing for diaper rash or any extremely dry skin.

Truffle Clear Holder For Diapers; My sister gave me this before I had my son, and I would use it for things like make-up or jewelry. After I had him I saw that she used hers as a place to carry diapers. This is brilliant because when diapers are thrown into a bag they get really beat up, wrinkly, and torn up. They also take up a TON of space. This little bag is an easy way to store diapers AND see how many you have left. Using a bag that isn’t see-through can make you think you have more diapers than you actually do. Now wouldn’t that be the worst thing ever to run out of diapers!?