Yarn Art on The Hallmark Channel's Home and Family Show

Yarn Art on The Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show

Today on The Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show I am creating DIY Yarn Wall Art!

You can create so many beautiful things with yarn, it is amazing! I simply used dowels, sticks, and macrame rings for the wall decor. I also created beautiful Yarn Nail art by tracing a picture, then hammering nails into the board, and wrapping yarn around the nails. These are really fun, and inexpensive projects that anyone can do!

Yarn Art on The Hallmark Channel's Home and Family Show

Yarn Art on The Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show

DIY Yarn Art

Wall Hangings:


Macramé ring, a dowel, or a stick


Fabric scissors

RIT dye; optional for a dip dye look


Cut the yarn the desired length

Fold the yarn in half, and make a larks head knot around the ring, dowel, or stick; do this by creating a “U” shape at the base of the ring, dowel, or stick, and pull the hanging “legs” through the “U” shape

Pull to tighten and a topknot is created

Repeat with as many colors as desired

Use fabric scissors to cut the bottom of the yarn to make a straight line or an angled line

Dip in the dye if desired; mix according to package instructions


*Plan on using a good amount of yarn, since it looks much nicer when it is more full

*Cut all of the yarn first to make sure they are the same size

*Make sure to use fabric scissors in order to make clean lines, and so that the yarn does not fray

DIY Tassel:



Fabric Scissors

A square of cardboard the desired length of the tassel


Wrap the tassel around the length of the cardboard until desired thickness is achieved

Cut the yarn from the large roll of yarn

Cut an additional small piece of yarn, about 2-3 inches; wrap the small piece of yarn around the top of yarn that is wrapped around the cardboard and tie in a knot, and use fabric scissors to cut the opposite side of the cardboard; this way one side is tied and one side is cut (it will look like a bunch of yarn folded in half with a string around the center

Cut an additional piece of yarn, about 2-3 inches, and wrap it around where other piece of yarn is keeping everything together to create a small puff at the top; this created the tassel look


*If making multiple tassels, make sure to count how many times you wrap the yarn around the cardboard to make sure each one is the same size.

*It helps to hold the wrapped yard at all times to be sure it does not come apart.

Nail Yarn Art:


Small Nails




Pencil with eraser to draw the design


Use the pencil to draw your desired design; you can also trace a design printed out on your computer; do this very lightly

Hammer in a nail about every 1-inch in your design

Use the eraser to get rid of the rest of the pencil marks

Tie the yarn onto one nail by making a couple knots to make it secure, then use the yarn to wrap around each nail to create the design with the yarn doing the outline first

Once outlined, go back and forth between the sides to fill the design of desired

Once finished, tie a couple knots onto one of the nails and cut away the excess yarn