This Year's Christmas Cards With Tiny Prints

This Year’s Christmas Cards With Tiny Prints

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is getting Christmas cards in the mail! It gives me the feel of that “old fashioned” Christmas that I remember as a child. The holiday tradition of sending cards and getting them in the mail is a classic that I don’t think will ever go out of style. Even though people send invites to parties, weddings, and basically everything through email, I think that the whole idea of getting mail during this time of year brings people back to a place of wholesomeness.

This year was a very emotional time for me. I had an amazing photoshoot I was going to do with my talented photographer friend that was going to be a fun way to share the news of our pregnancy with our second child. One day before our scheduled pictures, we very sadly found out that we had a pregnancy loss. Without going into too much detail of that right now, needless to say I couldn’t bring myself to take any pictures, let alone smile. My mother-in-law was able to get the photographer who was doing my sister-in-laws engagement pictures to take some nice ones of my son as well.

Through the blurry haze I have been living in, I managed to go to Tiny Prints, where I have ordered pictures for the past few years, and pick out a beautiful card. What I loved the most when picking a card, was the fact that I could actually put my son’s picture into the site, and it would show me his picture on every card as I scrolled through the options so that I would know what that specific picture looked like with the design. It made the processes so much faster!!

Another thing that made my life easier was the envelope options. Tiny Prints gives you the option of adding your return address onto the envelope, but also the option to type in the mailing addresses for all of your cards. Instead of having to handwrite everything, I was able to type (and copy and paste) all of the addresses of people we are sending cards to. I need anything to make my life easier right now.

Then the cards came…and I had a moment. Even though I was beyond sad that the cards this year wouldn’t hold the picture I had been dreaming of, I saw the picture of my son’s happy face, and it made me smile. It gave me hope that one day I will be able to breathe again. Just having a small moment of happiness in all of this sadness was something special, and a moment of gratitude.

I loved how the cards turned out. I ordered the glittered cards that they make, which are some of their newer options, and I’m not going to lie…I was scared that they were going to shed glitter all over the place. I was pleasantly pleased that they don’t at all! I was really surprised at how well the glitter stays on the cards.

These cards really did warm my heart, and I am very grateful that my family and I are continuing this wonderful, old-fashioned, and important tradition of sending cards on the mail during the holidays.

Get yours ordered now!!! You can get them on sale at Tiny Print’s website, and if you order them by December 9th, then you will have them in time to send out for the holidays!